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  • LiteHawk Baja

    Just look at it.....honestly - it's way too cool! Open cockpit design with massive wing and exposed roll cage make BAJA look the part of an off-road racer. Looks are one thing, now lets...

  • LiteHawk BLAST

    How about hitting the Beach and enjoying the sand - Buggy style! Distinctive body design, protective roll cage and huge rear wing are what makes BLAST stand apart - that and speed, lots and lots of...

  • LiteHawk BOOST

    LiteHawk BOOST

    Fully loaded with all the usual features that you have come to expect from LiteHawk! Fast and nimble handling combined with a sleek body design make BOOST an all round perfect R/C choice! Pavement...

  • LiteHawk BRUTE 2WD Monster Truck

    R/C adventure is here! Big Off-Road tires allow you grip the road while our rear mounted motor provides the power! Rear Wheel Drive keeps your BRUTE lean and mean, letting you easily hit...

  • LiteHawk BULLET

    LiteHawk! 4WD with Fully Independent Suspension ensure quick acceleration and precise handling. Great looks need great performance - so oil filled shocks and a powerful motor allow  BULLET...

  • LiteHawk QUATTRO

    Graphite structure keeps the large QUATTRO stable and secure. We added bright LED running lights on the bottom of the support rods, why you ask? To open up the world of night flying! The lights are...

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    NEON is stunning! Just look at it! Unique two-piece design houses all the electronics, mechanicals and LED lighting systems in a sturdy structure. Even the rotor blades are protected! The LED's are...

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    SNAP an image, SNAP some video and have fun doing it too! Our newest quad comes fully featured with adjustable flight modes, fully digital stabilization and 2.4 Ghz control! The unique...

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  • LiteHawk SPRINT

    How about hitting the tarmac with a Short Course Race Truck!  Limited Edition and Available Fall 2014. 100% Assembled, Factory Tested and Ready For You. Fully Independent...