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  • LiteHawk duo

    Designed as a Search and Rescue helicopter, complete with a downward facing LED light, night missions are just around the corner! The LiteHawk duo promises fun and adventure!  Design: At first glance you can see that our LiteHawk duo is...

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  • LiteHawk II

    LiteHawk II, it's name says it all! The II can best be described as a true successor to our very first helicopter, the LiteHawk. Built to our exacting standards, we have added more features, just for you! The rotors allow for flex, so should you have a...

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  • LiteHawk IMPULSE

    Our most affordable LiteHawk ever - learning to fly has never been easier. Full gyro stabilization provides you with smooth consitent flight. IMPULSE comes to you fully assembled, soft touch transmitter included, spare blades and a handy USB charger too!...

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  • LiteHawk XL (Black Chassis)

    XL comes fully loaded with a CNC Metal Chassis for both light weight and superior strength. New for 2014 is an added Boost Control giving you more forward power! A sleek new cowl, rotor blades and an impressive LED search light too. LiteHawk XL, a stable...