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RC Vehicles

  • LiteHawk APEX

    Moto GP racing in the palm of your hand! Really! Fully functioning R/C motorcycle racing is here! The stunning body and driver are made from durable plastic that is carefully painted and finished in high gloss. All of the mechanics and electronics are...

  • LiteHawk Baja

    Just look at it.....honestly - it's way too cool! Open cockpit design with massive wing and exposed roll cage make BAJA look the part of an off-road racer. Looks are one thing, now lets add performance - mechanical, shaft-driven 4WD along with oil...

  • LiteHawk BLAST

    How about hitting the Beach and enjoying the sand - Buggy style! Distinctive body design, protective roll cage and huge rear wing are what makes BLAST stand apart - that and speed, lots and lots of speed! 35km/h (22 mph) ensures maximum excitement from...

  • LiteHawk BOOST

    LiteHawk BOOST

    Fully loaded with all the usual features that you have come to expect from LiteHawk! Fast and nimble handling combined with a sleek body design make BOOST an all round perfect R/C choice! Pavement shredding anyone? Thanks to oil-filled shocks and a very...

  • LiteHawk BRUTE 2WD Monster Truck

    R/C adventure is here! Big Off-Road tires allow you grip the road while our rear mounted motor provides the power! Rear Wheel Drive keeps your BRUTE lean and mean, letting you easily hit speeds 35km/h (22 mph)! 100% Assembled, Factory Tested and...

  • LiteHawk BULLET

    LiteHawk! 4WD with Fully Independent Suspension ensure quick acceleration and precise handling. Great looks need great performance - so oil filled shocks and a powerful motor allow  BULLET to hit speeds of 50km/h (35 MPH) - that is some serious...

  • LiteHawk GOBI

      GOBI R/C Desert Racer is here! Radical design combined with proven, durable mechanics allow you to race like never before!   Supple suspension, combined with a front skid plate that extends right to the rear of the chassis, gives...

  • LiteHawk SPRINT

    How about hitting the tarmac with a Short Course Race Truck!  Limited Edition and Available Fall 2014. 100% Assembled, Factory Tested and Ready For You. Fully Independent Suspension Polycarbonate body shell Battery compartment on the bottom of...