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  • LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER

    Roll across the floor, climb up the wall and race along the ceiling like never before! The new HIGH ROLLER is truly a unique way to fly. The flexible cage is mounted to the helicopter with carbon rod that uses steel ball-bearings. 100% Factory Assembled...

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    Don't be fooled by it's small size...this high tech piece of engineering will bring a big smile to your face! It's fun, flexible and rewarding...and it does what no other quadcopter can do: fly around your house without chipping the paint from your...

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  • LiteHawk QUATTRO

    Graphite structure keeps the large QUATTRO stable and secure. We added bright LED running lights on the bottom of the support rods, why you ask? To open up the world of night flying! The lights are color matched to the blades so you always know which way...

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    NEON is stunning! Just look at it! Unique two-piece design houses all the electronics, mechanicals and LED lighting systems in a sturdy structure. Even the rotor blades are protected! The LED's are enclosed in the rotor guards so NEON looks like nothing...

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    A new element in the LiteHawk family - Our designers have been busy making something really special for you! Fully loaded and ready soon - RADICAL fun is almost here! Arriving Late Summer 2015 The 2.4Ghz radio lets you fly without the fear of losing...


    SNAP an image, SNAP some video and have fun doing it too! Our newest quad comes fully featured with adjustable flight modes, fully digital stabilization and 2.4 Ghz control! The unique clam-shell design protects internal electronics and motors! SNAP...

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